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Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 15
Day 15: Today was our last day on the island, and the trek back to the base camp was mostly uneventful. We tried to take in as much of the scenery as we could but we knew we had to leave. Dr. Picklesworth was still broken up about having to abandon the search for the Derbis Island Giant Snail after getting so close. He cried almost the whole way back, he didn't even laugh when Raulado almost walked right into the mouth of a bucktoothed Crocodile. The screams as he panicked were the best, and he barely got away after the loud snapping sound made by the strong jaws slamming shut in front of him. He stumbled backwards and ran back to us, as we took pictures and tried not to cry from laughter. As we left the jungle we saw our camp and took our time walking back, not looking forward to packing it all back up. After several hours of packing, we finished just in time for our boat to arrive. Once everything was loaded Raulado knew he was safe, he had survived this trip and nothing was going to
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 11 3
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 14
Day 14: The day started out well, we located a herd of Derbis Goats. This was one of the most exciting parts for Dr. Fleecier who is an expert on goats. He enjoyed photographing them as Ottera took notes. I most enjoyed the part when the goats started using Raulado like a ball and just kept head butting him back and forth. This may have been a good time to stop them, but they are fairly small goats and were not going to cause much damage. After spending time with the goats, we moved back into the jungle needing to cover a lot of land, and explore the best we could with the limited time we have left on this island. This is where the day started to change for us. The deeper we got into the jungle the noises started to return, again some familiar but as we got closer to the half way point on the island we heard something new. Something that would ultimately break Dr. Picklesworth. It was the call of the creature he wanted to find most. We only barely heard it at first, and that was enough
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 8 29
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 13
Day 13: Our expedition is approaching the end and we only have a short amount of time left on the island. Today we continued moving toward the last section of the island, trying to get as much work done as we could before we had to head back to base camp and meet up with our boat home. As we followed the river toward the edge to the jungle, we noticed something and quickly stopped. A large dark shadow appeared in the water following us. Not wanting to scare off the animal or trigger a possible attack on ourselves, we slowly continued moving toward the beach and out of the jungle. Wishing for more sunlight so we could finally see what it is that is following us. Soon we found out. To all of our surprise it was a Derbis Manatee and what was waiting for us as we got out to the beach was a whole aggregation of manatees. We smiled largely as we saw all the manatees swimming, so we photographed them as much as we could. The large creatures just looked so happy and gentle. This happy time did
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 4 8
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 12
Day 12: The farther we go into the jungle the more different it starts to look from the other side of the island, the jungle is much thicker and many parts are darker. The trees reach much higher and we are starting to notice sounds of other creatures around us. Some familiar like the calls of the hussies but then we heard calls that sounded like larger birds high in the canopy and the sound of small monkeys. We let Raulado think he was guiding us as we used him to test for danger ahead of us, letting him walk at least 15 paces in front of us at all times. Soon we learned that we were not the only one following Raulado around, a medium sized predator was stalking him and he was completely oblivious. Quickly we grabbed our cameras and started to drift back further from Raulado, who was too high on painkillers to notice as he talked to himself and continued on. Documenting as much as we could we waited to see what this creature would do and when we started to reach a point with more sun
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 4 0
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 11
Raulado is finally a semi functioning human being and we continued on with our journey. The pills seem to have effected his ability to think and he is too high to properly guide us. We have become lost into the jungle. We won't hold his incompetence against him, and are taking this opportunity to further explore the island. Our colleague, Dr. Cornelius Picklesworth, the expeditions most capable Snailologist, is very hopeful with the turn of events. He thinks this may be just what we need to find the islands legendary creature, the Giant Derbis Snail. Not much is known about this snail, or even if it exists, but we are hoping to find evidence of them and college DNA samples to compare with other species of snails.
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 3 0
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 10
Day 10: Our day started earlier than planned with the screams of Raulado. The pills had worn off and his cries echoed through the jungle. We gave him a bunch of pills and gave him a stick wrapped with a bandanna to bite down on, hoping it would keep his screams down, as he was scaring off the animals. Sadly this didn't work because apparently he is more sensitive to pain than we thought, which meant we had to limit our research for the day. We decided to photograph the landscape and sketch and document all we could. Raulado's screams did not deter one creature though, it instead summoned the French Skunk. We first noticed when the skunk began sniffing the legs of Ottera and she had to keep kicking him away. This of course only caused him to chase her more, and soon Ottera was running through the jungle screaming for help, as the skunk loudly sniffed and chased behind her. The calls of "woo woo" started and we could tell this would not end well. We told Ottera to climb the nearest tree
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 5 2
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 9
Day 9: We hit another set back, while exploring a pond and river near by to document the other wildlife on Derbis isIand, Raulado has had another dangerous encounter. While fantastic at guiding us he is not the most careful person when it comes to his own safety. While photographing and documenting Derbis Praying Mantis and Derbis Lady Bugs with Dr. Fleecier and his intern Miss Ottera Newfie, we heard the screams of Raulado and quickly ran to him. He was still holding the tail of a male Derbis Island Platypus as it dug it's spurs into his arms and envenomating  him. The pain was instant, but of course as scientist our priorities were to photograph and document the the rare platypus before it could escape back into the water. Raulado, we knew, wouldn't die from his encounter so we tried to ignore his cries for pain and told him that we would handle the first aid soon enough.
The swelling had already started and and pain spread up his arm as he continued to roll around screaming and
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 6 3
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 8
Day 8: We arrived back at camp to check on Raulado and discovered he received only a dry bite from the Derbis Snake and is able to continue on. After locating a good spot full of game trails clearly traveled heavily by snails we set up camp. We also encountered another problem, as Dr. Whale Fleecier has explained to me we heard the mating call of the French Skunk. We heard the echos of "Wooo Wooo" through the forest and then we saw it. We stood still as to not scare it off and observe it's actions. The French Skunk is an invasive species and only natural predator is the rarely seen angrywife, which means it is left free to prey on the poor goats of the area. What we saw next was very unusual. Dr. Fleecier told me it is the French Skunks mating dance which they use to attract mates. There was a lot of slapping of it's buttocks with it's tail and low level woo noises. We quickly had to scare it off however when it started to get closer and attempted to mate with our food. We now must kee
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 8 5
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 7
Day 7: This new part of the island seems to have much of the same wildlife we have encountered already. We mostly spent the day chasing geckos and other lizards, like children, and trying to see who could catch the most interesting creature out of all of us. Running through the jungle and the sands of the beach laughing and insulting anyone each chance we got, Dr. Picklesworth taking the brunt of most of our jokes. The winner of our challenge was of course me, with the bucktoothed day gecko. A funny looking lizard but equally beautiful, covered in the brightest reds, greens, and light blues. As we settled down for camp Ottera quickly ran out and jumped into the water. Backstroking through the crimson waves as the sun sets and reminding us all of the animal she is named after. Dr. Fleecier captivated by her swimming watched silently for several minutes before quickly removing all of his clothes and quickly diving head first into the crimson colored waves and joining her as the sky slowl
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 4 1
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 6
Day 6: We decided to travel across the island horizontally from this point on so we can cover this half of the island and loop back, traveling along the coast and seeing if our trusty guide Raulado has survived his horrible brush with the Derbis Snake. This way we could resupply and if he is healthy enough, continue on our journey with Raulado. If not, we can use his corpse to lure out various creatures in the jungle and document them as they feast on his body or investigate the unfamiliar smells of his corpse. We have heard rumors of larger predators on the island but so far have yet to see any big cats or the Derbis Crocodile.
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 4 2
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 5
Day 5: After yesterday's discovery we decided to explore the cave further. Dr. Picklesworth was the first into the cave and excitedly charged ahead, while Dr. Fleecier still nursing a hangover was the last of our group to enter the cave. He relied heavily on the assistance of his intern Ottera as she forced pills and water down his throat. The first 30 mins we laughed about Dr. Fleecier's mumbling about wanting to punch Dr. Picklesworth for being "So fucking cheerful" this early in the day. We carefully marked off areas we traveled to into the cave so we could find our way out as we headed deeper into the cave. The further we went into the dark unknown of the cave the stronger the stench got. The smell of ammonia hit hard, we quickly put on respirators so that we could safely breathe. This smell made it obvious what was coming next and soon we found it, the large cavern of the cave full of the Derbis Island Fuck Bat. The Derbis Island Fuck Bat is known for it's front fangs that resembl
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 4 2
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 4
Day 4: We found a cave that the natives must live in, we also found primitive art that suggest they may worship these snails like gods. Further research will be required but the expedition is looking fruitful.
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 4 6
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 3
Day 3: The further we got into the jungle, the more we heard the sound of what could only be the island's most famous bird. The Derbis Island Hussy, medium sized bird that is famous for three things. Getting drunk off fermented fruit that they find, awkwardly dancing and the female's call to attract mates. The hussy's call is very distinctive, the noises switch between what is a horrible squawking that sounds like a drunk college girl attempting French and failing just as hard at Spanish. The birds come down from the trees to feed on the fruit, usually eating until they can no longer fly or walk straight. Once they have consumed enough fruit to get drunk, the birds then start their calls as obnoxiously loud as possible. It doesn't take long before we find the male hussies, who quickly come down from the trees and also feast. That is when the awkward dancing happens and it only gets louder and more obnoxious. There is a lot of spreading of feathers, fanning them out to appear larger and
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 5 0
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 2
Day 2: Today we ran into our first problem, Raulado was careless and wandered into the jungle to use the restroom and we heard screams. We quickly ran to him only to find that he had been bitten on the gluteous maximus by a Derbis Snake. We knew that if this was a venomous bite it would potentially deadly. The snake's venom is neurotoxic and will eventually shut down his respiratory system and he will die. It will be a slow drawn out death, his breathing will be come labored and start to make a horrible wheezing sound that will sound similar to a stupid laugh. He will pant with his mouth open as he struggles to breathe only making a stupid look to go with this laughing sound, it is a horrible and embarrassing way to die. The Derbis Island snake is commonly found all over the island and well documented so we just took pictures and stopped caring. We picked up Raulado and traveled the 15 feet we moved during the night while tracking the snake and returned him to base camp. We left him wi
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 5 3
Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 1
Day 1: My expedition team and I have arrived on Derbis Island. This trip we will attempt to document the many strange species of this island and find out if there is anything to make a second trip out here worth it. This expedition is funded by the very eccentric Jeniqua Frizzle. A woman who some how has managed to never find a "natural" snail in her life. It is an obsession that will probably consume her and be her white whale but fuck it, we are getting paid. The team consists of Raulado a guide we often hire, Dr. Whale Fleecier, Ottera Newfie his beautiful intern, Dr. Cornelius Picklesworth and myself Dr. Oreo Jones. All of us with our own specialties and personalities which will hopefully make this trip successful.
After arriving on the island we set up a base camp near the jungle so we could make our way back to it after the expedition and meet our transport back home. We started our search right after dinner with hopes of finding our main interests in the fresh darkness. We chose
:iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 11 20
Hoodie cult 2.0 ID by morbidman187 Hoodie cult 2.0 ID :iconmorbidman187:morbidman187 6 24


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All Mediums Contest: OppositesGallery Descriptions and Miscats Month
Dear all,
Welcome again to our Gallery Descriptions and Miscats month, you're in for a wild ride. I'd like to announce the special all mediums contest we'll be hosting here:
Pick a piece of art you've created in the past, and create its complete opposite.
What does this mean?
This is an easy contest in the sense that "opposites" are open to interpretation but also there are so many potential "opposites" to something you have made, so you have endless options. Here are some examples:
If you painted a portrait of a feminine young woman, you could create an opposite that would be a portrait of an older very masculine man.
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If you wrote a dark chapter about someone's murde





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My Daily Deviation Highlights: 2017

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 8:01 PM

Mrs-Durden started a project to share our favorite DD's and feature them in a journal. Something we volunteers can do and everyone else who would love to join in to show our love of Daily Deviations and fellow artists.

This is a special edition featuring DD's from all of 2017

Santorini Panorama by hessbeck-fotografix Tentacle by Sabine62 Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII \ Final Fantasy XV by MByak Event Horizon by siddhartha19
the scarecrow's daughter [sd VI]nailed on a south-facing fence
out where horizon meets sky
her shadow follows the sun
frayed faded lips softly sigh
day by day slow years passing
the clouds and birds sailing by
bold ravens tell her wild tales
of a life living so high
her heart of straw is longing
not even saying goodbye
soon she will let it all go 
on a wild wind she will fly
Dragon by FanasY Devil's Lyric by MissSouls Dragon skeleton: when fantasy becomes reality by Exifia
Sonya by yromanenko I Know I'm Home. by MikeFShaw the legend by emptyredhead Victoria by gaolst
119 by Infrablack-stock The erotic void_II by deignis Optimus Prime and Grimlock fan art by JustineTutubi Ancient Colossus by CaptainNutmeg
<da:thumb id="644086417"/> Bloodflower by Nachtblau GhostInTheShell Fandom by JeremyChong Classics by Oh-My-Stars
239 by darkelfphoto The Sound Of Silence by NanFe If you really love me let me go by Kaslito death becomes her by Andaelentari
THE LAST REVOLUTIONARY by kevissimo Great White Bath by Tafkah Break the Ice by tetramera Seussville (2006) by ArtOfLenoraClark
Raruurien: Join Hands by N-Maulina Ocean Adventure V2 by mtomsky

Mature Content

Queen of the Black Marsh by ozornin-ART
*** by annieparfi
Sleeping beauty by mldzz Full Fathom Five by MattDixon

Mature Content

Spear Girl Pin Up Pixel Dailies x3 by TRUEvector
The Great Houses - Ashlander by Isugi
rest in pieceshow does it feel to have my heart on your hands?
here lies the best four years of your life
finish what you started, selfish heart-
pick up the shovel and bury me beneath the floorboards
the wind blows through my shadow
let me haunt you like you haunt me
cold bed, here lies love
i slip silently through the walls,
through the cracks,
through the days
this house is a cemetary
The Eagle Rock by Ivo1978 Non aes sed fides by lecristal Old City Station by yar0
Sunflower by sAARGe The Hidden Faces Of  A Masterpiece by R-Tan You Found Me by Mr-Ripley rovinj XIII by roblfc1892
Imperial Grand Admiral by Zilochius Scrap Metal Fish Skeleton Lamp Sculpture 6 by SteelKlown13 Eggnapper by AntonZemskov Travelers by Max-Kneht
STYX by pascalblanche The Irreparable Curiosity - briar rose by CorneliaGillmann 665 by richys 8# - The poisen one by LATT-LA
World War Tank Girl #1 Cover by blitzcadet Tengu by Sceith-A 3D Origami Cobra pic 1 by Catstrosity Antonio Caparo Cosmic Leap by ajcaparo
geckoonce your scales
fall away you are
bare and translucent;
your spine,
visible through the
film of your skin.
there is strength,
in this –
there is strength
in many unusual things.
identity by len-yan Beautiful evening by MagicLaDyCharm
Sunshine in NYC by takmaj Rainbow Houses by ashamandour Unexplored Ruins-06 (Buddha) by RenjuArt Ulvila's Church Infrared Try 1 by AneurysmGuy Digital Texture Artwork 336 by mercurycode You're Not Real by RegieGie Femme Fatale by DarkVenusPersephonae Neblu (Ga14) by biz20
Antares by zacky7avenged The Last Cup of the Day by Tikrekins Horus, Queen of wings by johnsonting Carina by brlmk
Untitled by Alexandre1950 XENNA by zokyzoker Facing the Giant by denismayerjr Mermaid and Soldier by Joya-Filomena
Titan Arum by vamosver Afternoon read by bwaworga Jade by Dreena close to serenity by Eerieseelie
Rebel7ious page 1. by Trunnec Dani by NFGphoto aNesTheSia by mimikascraftroom Cold morning by Axel-Astro-Art
Capybara by Loisa Owl by straewefin Crossing by KirlianCamera Hedgehogs and breakfast by Black-Bl00d
Utah Phidippus by Enkphoto 371 by gregmks Ready for the fall by sxsvexen Trimeresurus trigonocephalus by nakkimo
Harrow by RavenDarke Clouds by simoneheld Day 6: Trusty SWORD by Konstantin-Vavilov Inktober17-1 by ChaseConley

Mature Content

Those Chosen Few concept: Shadow and Toe Eating by squonkhunter
[Comm] Tiny wars poster Art (re-paint) by Shikaama Focus -Vildhjarta Alternative artwork by rickardwestman I Remember by Quirkilicious
web cave 1 by yellowicous-stock Halloween: Elvira Mistress of the Dark by ZyunkaMukhina - by nairafee

Mature Content

Close to the sky by JudithGeiser

reverse attitude by Lqiness Erevos by nickbleb Night Service by MattDixon Maschinen Project 19 by Pencracker
Salamander III by kinkajoomotion A whole new world by YoshaPhotography Stitches by veprikov Dark Magic by Queen-Kitty

Mature Content

bodyscape by belovodchenko
Of Ghosts And Wicked Ones by hyokka

Mature Content

Hues by DanikaMilles
Dead Crow by cameraflou
Inktober day 17 graceful by mattasticmitchell all is vanity III by vimark I Was Made For You by CaitlinHackett

Other DD Highlights: 2017

My Daily Deviation Highlights 2017You might remember a couple of years ago I started this series because I was frustrated at how little attention Daily Deviations were getting from the community. Well, the series is still going strong! I love seeing everyones' issues, you all are amazing for helping bring to light the amazing artwork that have been featured as DDs, so thank you for being awesome! Here's my DD Highlights for all of 2017! Wherein I'm clearly obsessed with everything Gejda DDs. I encourage you to make your own feature as well!

Jellyfish Mermaid by maria-menshikova
My Daily Deviation Highlights 2017The Daily Deviation Highlights project continues for another year, with members of the Community Relations team (and anyone else who wants to join in - including you!) sharing some of our favourite Daily Deviations from the past twelve months.
This year, I'm highlighting stunning black and white photography, featured by my fellow photography Community Volunteers. Enjoy!
J a n u a r y

F e b r u a r y


M a r c h
A p r i l
 Tears of joy by phothomas
DD Highlights: 2017... And following yesterday's journal here are my favourite DDs across all galleries set by other CVs in 2017!
Rose carved of wood complete (Daily Deviation) by byMichaelXNightmare by kicked-in-teethHidden Forest by sofierimmer.bones. by SatvrniidaeARTDemon of Miscarriages by OddeumThe Naked Lunch_1. by SublimeFracture-IncPortrait by crazytreasurestudioSquarriors: Summer #1 Variant by WittAFading eyelashes by oviedomedinaJellyfish Mermaid by maria-menshikovaLove is Life by AndreeaRosseKoi by LunaFelesStone Table by VVnanRoom of my dreams by Annie-BertramWhite Winged Lion by anna-lakisovaSplash by MasteroflemonDinner time by ZephyraMilieAssistant shaman by TyamiSand Storm by Vitaly-SokolFree Information by DylanSetoStarry Eyes and French Fries II by GDBeeGreat White Bath by Tafkah458 by MozolewskiMichalSea wonders by Black-B-o-xSpring Is Coming by imaginism
My Photography DD Highlights - 2017Happy New Year, everyone! :dance:
I can't believe how quickly 2017 flew by. I know everyone says that... but for some reason this year--more than others--feels like it only took the quick blink of an eye to bring us to the brink of 2018. This year had its ups and downs like all of them but I have so much to be thankful for and so many great people to share this life with.
I went through the photography gallery DD's for 2017 (simply didn't have time to explore EVERY category!!! haha) and collected some of my favorites from what my teammates set over at communityrelations. Naturally, you already know that I like the APN things I set (or I better at least :lol: ) so the below collection won't contain APN stuff. It will, however, explore all manner of photography categories from Horror & Macabre to Fashion Photography to Street Photography, Darkroom, and more.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
2017 DD Highlights of the YearEvery year I am astounded at my fellow CVs' dedication to featuring beautiful art as Daily Deviations, and 2017 was no exception. Mrs-Durden asked the CV team to feature their "DD highlights" for the year of 2017, and do you know how hard it is to narrow those down to a manageable feature?? Even just one a day would give me 365 pieces of art (let's just say I had more than one a day initially...), but I somehow managed to whittle it down to 106 pieces of art, and I hope they will bring just as much a smile to your face as they did mine :D
Thank you to the hardworking volunteers on the CV team that make this happen, you all bring so much joy to my day, and I'm so glad to be a part of it with you.  And also a HUGE thank you to the amazingly creative and talented artists who post their art on DeviantArt, we wouldn't have any art to feature without wonderful artists like you :heart:
2017 Daily Deviation Highlight 2017, that is a wrap! In order to finish it properly, here is my DD highlight for the year 2017 from various galleries. I hope you enjoy it, and don't hesitate to make your own 2017 DD highlight! Congratulations to everyone who received a DD, and thank you to all our DD suggesters and everyone who supports the community! And please, keep making art :heart:
         1883 by Riazzumi 1-couv Gore Couleurs by Breizhowsky Cast Away the Shadows by Dari-Dari [+Video] Commission - From Ashes by Hyanna-Natsu Flight Interrupted by Stranger-botCute Power - Yellow Duckling by thrumyeye Maori by DanielaUhlig Valkyr by Kevin-Glint Night-fly by kumpan A woman in town tells me by FuzzyHoser Hardanger fiddle with unique design and dragonhead by deviantviolins 

Skin by Dan Leveille


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